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Apple Store Revamp Revealed in Preparation for Apple Watch Launch

With the Apple Watch release approaching, Apple’s stores are about to undergo a large revamp.

When a customer is looking to buy the Apple Watch, they’ll have two choices as to how they can try it out and purchase it — they can either book an appointment, or queue up for a walk-in session.

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During the process, the customer will be taken through each stage by a “specialist”. This will be when you choose up to two models and are taken to try it on. At this point the specialist will then go through some of the available accessories and provide the option of AppleCare.

Of course Apple have something special for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition; you’ll be able to access an expert without having to wait, as well as the option to speak to an expert via video conference rather than going in-store. Extra security measures have also been made in-store, due to the hefty price of the watch.

It seems like they’re going in with full force to ensure that Apple Watch customers have the best experience possible.

Source: 9TO5MAC / Via: HYPEBEAST

By Billy Noyes

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