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iPhone 6s Plus Cases Roundup: My Favourite Cases

Ever since dropping my iPhone 6 and seeing the camera lens get cracked, I’ve decided to play it safe and keep my new iPhone 6s Plus protected at all times. Annoyingly, it adds to the already large size of the phone but it’s a compromise I’m willing to make right now in order to settle my paranoia.

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Since I’ve previously put together a list of iPhone 6 cases I liked, I thought it would be cool to do the same with the 6s Plus. So without any further ado, here’s a list of cases I’ve enjoyed using on my iPhone 6s Plus.

Note: I’ll be updating this page as I use more cases!

Native Union Clic Wooden


This has been by far my favourite case thus far. It isn’t this slimmest case you’ll find but I’ve found the Native Union Clic Wooden iPhone case (£17) very comfortable to use with an incredibly stylish design.

It doesn’t wrap around the entire device — the area where you’ll find the volume and power buttons are exposed, as is the bottom and top — so you can still see and feel the phones’s metal build when you hold it. Still, it offers a solid amount of protection, significantly improves your grip when holding the phone and it looks great.

There’s also a canvas version which looks equally as nice!

Native Union Clic Air


Native Union Clic Air iPhone 6s Plus case

If you’re not fussed about all-round protection and just want to prevent scratches and improved grip, the Native Union Clic Air (£9.99) could be for you. It’s a very simplistic low profile case at just 0.06mm (basically, it won’t add any bulk to your iPhone), and helps to create a much more grippy feel in comparison to the phone’s slippery metal finish.

There’s even a raised lip surrounding the rear camera lens for some added protection, just in case.

Mophie Power Pack


Mophie is arguably the leading iPhone battery case manufacturer right now; it’s pretty much what they specialise in. Built like a tank, the Mophie Juice Pack (£72) is going to provide you with well over a full charge without hindering your use of the iPhone. To use it you just have to take your naked iPhone and slide it into the Mophie case. If you have a case on it, strip that thing off before trying to slide in your iPhone.

It’s very easy to use, performs like it says on the box and you’ll be getting solid build quality.

TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case


I’ve really enjoyed using the TYLT Energi sliding power case (£70) because it comes with a dedicated soft-plastic case that wraps around your entire phone to protect it.

That’s super convenient because when you need to use the primary battery case, you literally just have to slide it in — no figiting with cases or worrying about being unprotected. I really love the Mophie Juice Pack, but TYLT’s case is cheaper and more convenient to use so it’s my recommended battery case.

Twelve South SurfacePad


I’ve been a fan of Twelve South’s SurfacePad range since reviewing SurfacePad for iPad Mini some time ago. The SurfacePad for iPhone 6s Plus (£45) continues to have this simple, sophisticated look to it that a ‘normal’ case doesn’t have — especially with its premium Napa leather finish and finely detailed stitching going around the sides. I’ve been rocking the ‘Camel’ leather version and love it!

It’s exposed around the sides, so SurfacePad won’t protect your beloved device from any hard drops on concrete, but it is a genuinely nice alternative for people who prefer not to cover their phone with a bulky case, yet still want to protect the display and back.

Twelve South BookBook


If you’re into the vintage leather book look and want a case that doesn’t cry for too much attention, Twelve South’s BookBook for iPhone 6s Plus could be the case for you. It’s a very versatile (and inconspicuous) case that combines your wallet, phone stand and protection into one — and with 6 pockets to use on the 6s Plus version, I doubt you’ll need to carry around your wallet with this thing!

I really like that BookBook comes in two pieces: the iPhone shell case, and the BookBook cover itself. They’ve done this so that you can easily detach your phone from BookBook and easily throw it onto a charging dock or car mount when you’re using it for GPS. Its not the kind of look everybody will be into, but it’s certainly well made.

Totallee Doberman

Totallee Doberman case for iPhone 6s Plus

Totallee’s Doberman for iPhone 6s Plus is a strong option. It covers the entire rim of your phone including the buttons and the bottom where your speakers are, and the circular cut-out on the back allows you to still flash that iconic Apple logo — without compromising on protection.

What’s really good about the Doberman is its grippy feel, flexibility and light weight. While many other cases with complete protection tend to be bulky or hefty, this one doesn’t add much to your iPhone 6s Plus.

What are your favourite cases?

Are there any cases you’ve used and loved? Let me know in the comments so that I can check them out too!

Note: All of the prices mentioned in this post were accurate at the time of writing. They are very likely to change by the time you read this! 

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