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Griffin WatchStand Review: A Charging Dock For Apple Watch

The Good: Griffin’s WatchStand is a well-made, easy to use dock for your Apple Watch.

The Bad: No real negatives to speak of.

The Bottom Line: At the reasonable price of £20/$30, the Griffin WatchStand will be a great buy for anybody who wants an easy way to charge their Watch, keep their surfaces organised and clear of messy cables.

Apple conveniently provides a nice long cable to charge your Apple Watch with, but when it comes to charge time, the watch doesn’t quite stay put in one place unless you tie down the wire.

That’s why I like using docks like Griffin’s WatchStand (£19.99). You get none of the cable clutter or messy surfaces — just a clean & easy way to charge your tech.

Setting it up

Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch Cable Management
You can wind your charging cable around the core of the Griffin WatchStand

The WatchStand unit is quite simple to set up with 3 core pieces: the base unit, an external post and an angled ‘cradle’ post which is where your Watch will sit at the top.

For those of you obsessed with cable management, Griffin has done a good job here. If you want to hide as much of the charging cable as possible, you can wind any excess cable around the core which then gets hidden within the WatchStand’s post.

A 2-in-1 design

Griffin have designed this dock so that it’s capable of being a dock for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Although you get no cable management for your iPhone — your Lightning cable will have to hang loose if you want to charge — you can sit your iPhone on the base of the WatchStand.

The 6s Plus looks huge on it, but it works.

From a build quality point of view, I really like the Griffin WatchStand. At 500 grams it’s got a nice weight which helps keep it steady, and it just feels like a well built unit that will last a long time. With that simple all-black finish, it’s the kind of dock you can put almost anywhere and will look great, too.

A convenient way to charge

The Griffin WatchStand all set up and ready to go
The Griffin WatchStand all set up and ready to go

Since Apple’s charging cable is magnetic, placing your Apple Watch on the top of the unit means it stays firmly put.

Whether you want to place it vertically and let the straps dangle or place it sideways to enable NightStand mode, a feature which turns your Watch into a clock for your bedside table, you can rest assured it’ll stay where you left it.

Should you buy one?

If you want to keep your bedside table or desk clean of cables, and want an easy & convenient way to charge up your Apple Watch at night, the Griffin WatchStand won’t disappoint.

You’re getting a very well made product here that does exactly what it promises and at a price of about £15 at the time of writing, you really can’t go wrong.


By Fabio Virgi

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