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F-Secure SAFE: Simple Internet Security For All Your Devices

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Once upon a time, when our only computer was a chunky old PC that was prone to viruses and internet hacks, getting internet security software was a must. The trouble is that nowadays we own so many internet-connected devices, and when you think about the stuff we’re able to do with them (online shopping, photo messaging, sending private emails and messages etc.), it makes sense to protect them too.

Getting dedicated protection for each of your devices can be cumbersome, but that’s where F-Secure’s SAFE comes in.

Security for the whole family

F-Secure’s new version of its award-winning* multi-device security solution, F-Secure SAFE, offers the right tools to protect the entire family from cyber security threats, such as viruses, identity theft, scams and online predators.

Internet security can be overly complex and confusing at times. With this in mind, SAFE has been designed to be simple to use and protects all PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles. Users can even share their subscriptions to protect the devices of friends & family.

One login for all your devices

It can be daunting to change security providers and install new software. With F-Secure SAFE, these complexities are cut out. Users have a single ‘My F-Secure’ account from which to manage the security of all of their devices, so there won’t be any daunting or complicated installations.

The software covers all computers running Windows or OS X, and mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows. In addition, SAFE has also undergone a significant visual upgrade to make it easier to use and understand the valuable security it provides.

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Here is a breakdown of the key benefits of F-Secure SAFE:

  • Digital Parenting: The parental control functions enables parents to keep their children safe by allowing them to control what type of online content is accessible for young children, teens and adults. They can also set a ‘browsing time limit’ which restricts internet access to set times or a set number of hours a day.
  • Anti-virus: Detect and remove any malicious software that may have reached the device, including trojans, viruses and spyware.
  • Banking protection: Gives added security for online banking in a more visible and tangible way.
  • Safe browser: Blocks any known malicious websites, such as phishing websites.
  • Safe contacts: Call and text message filtering to block unwanted or nuisance calls and texts. Simply add numbers to the block list.
  • Anti- theft: Remotely lock or wipe data from the phone in the event of loss or theft. It allows the user to locate the phone through an easy-to-use personal portal.

*F-Secure SAFE anti-virus technology has won the Best Protection award from the independent test house in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. It was also named the Best Security Product at the UK Internet Industry Awards 2015.

Pricing & free trials: Annual subscriptions to the service are priced at £59.99 for three devices, £79.99 for five devices, or £99.99 for seven devices. F-Secure SAFE is available for purchase or a 30-day free trial at

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