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KitVision Escape 4KW First Impressions: An Underwhelming 4K Action Cam

Most TVs you’ve watched are probably 1080p, or “full HD” resolution. At 1080p you get some pretty crisp images and video as it is, but 4K is a totally different dimension. It looks insanely sharp and if you’ve ever watched anything on a 4K TV, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s why I was super excited when KitVision announced their new Escape 4KW — an action cam that costs just £150 but packs in 4K recording capabilities.

A simpler & more intuitive design

The 4KW looks far less complicated than the HD30W action cam I used last year. KitVision’s older model had a number of different switches that made using it confusing for a first-timer, whereas the 4KW keeps things easier on the eye.

You’ve got one button at the top to start/stop recording, a button on the front (near the lens) to switch between “modes” — i.e. photos, videos, and settings — and then up/down buttons on the right side for navigation.

4K… sort of

I only tested out the camera briefly but so far, I can say that the camera produces some pretty decent footage — at least at 1080p. Recording in full HD I’ve found colours to be vibrant, footage looks sharp and that wide angle lens does a fantastic job at capturing everything around you.

Oddly, and rather disappointingly, 4K footage hasn’t been so impressive. In my initial tests I’ve seen a lot of stuttering which is likely because of the low, 10 FPS recording capability. With so few frames per second, it’s hardly surprising that this camera struggles to record good quality 4K video. Of course I still have to test this properly, however from an initial point of view it’s not looking very promising.

KitVision 4KW: First impressions

For a camera that aims to deliver 4K video, the KitVision Escape 4KW feels quite underwhelming. In fact, I’d go to the extent of saying 4K footage on this is borderline unusable.

That said, it does produce some brilliant 1080p footage for a camera at the £150 price point. So while KitVision under-delivered on the 4K side, the Escape 4KW seems to be a solid option for 1080p video.

I’m taking it to Lisbon later this month so stay tuned for the full review here on!

By Fabio Virgi

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