Nintendo’s Switch console is a mashup of home & portable gaming

Nintendo has just announced its latest console, and I can’t help but geek out about it. Named the “Switch”, this console merges the worlds of home console and portable gaming with what seems to be a very versatile machine.

Check out their first look video below:

Throughout the video they show off the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities in shifting from a traditional, home-based console into a mobile gaming device. What really gets me excited is the way it seems so seamless!

In its portable state the core unit consists of a tablet with removable “Joy-Con” controllers on either side, which, by the way, can be detached and held in either hand — just like on Nintendo Wii. Each controller can also be used independently by two people since they’re identical.

When you’re ready to connect to¬†your TV for a regular console experience, place the Switch into a dock and you can use it with Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller instead.

Unlike with regular consoles, the idea with the Switch is that you can play the same games home or away; meaning no reduced functionality or features in a ‘mobile version’. Nintendo have also decided to go old school with the Switch, bringing back the game cartridges instead of disks or other digital formats. You can also link consoles together for multi-player modes.

Nintendo Switch will be available from March 2017 so we’ve still got some time to go, but what do you make of their new console? Let me know in the comments.

By Fabio Virgi

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