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SWYP, The All-In-One Digital Credit Card

A few startups have attempted to create the all-in-one digital credit card capable of storing multiple debit, credit, gift and loyalty cards — one of the more successful attempts being Coin — and now SWYP wants a piece of the pie too.

Using the built-in buttons and 1 x 1-inch screen, you can quickly select the card needed — although it apparently learns which cards you’re more likely to use. And in case you leave your phone behind (SWYP uses it for an added layer of security), the card’s buttons allow you to enter a 4-digit PIN number so that you can still make transactions.Design_IMG_1_Desktop

SWYP is made of a durable metal alloy which encloses the thin printed circuit boards, giving it the overall size of a standard credit card, but the ability to store a maximum of 25 cards.

Pre-orders for the second batch are currently being taken at $49/£32 and shipping will begin in Autumn/Fall 2015.

Check out their promotional video below.


  • Size – 3.375 x 2.125 inch
  • Thickness – 0.03 inch
  • Weight – 0.4 oz
  • Display – 1 x 1 inch graphics display
  • Material – Durable metal alloy
  • Navigation – 3 tactile buttons
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Compatibility – iOS 7+ and Android 4.4+

By Billy Noyes

From DSLR's all the way to PCs, Billy loves nothing more than playing with all different types of technology. He's covering the latest tech news here on Let's Talk Tech.