ThePhoneCloud PX1 smartphone protects children & gives parents control

British company ThePhoneCloud today announced the launch of their PX1 smartphone; a £195 Android device built with the purpose of protecting children between 8-12 from inappropriate content and online bullying. Supervised smartphone usage for children The PX1 smartphone includes built-in software (sold as a separate subscription of £5 per month) that allows parents to monitor…

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F-Secure KEY makes password management easy and painless     

My thanks to F-Secure for sponsoring Let’s Talk Tech this month. Data breaches are the new reality and it’s no longer a question of if it’s going to happen to you, but when. Nowadays, people manage an unwieldy number of online accounts; at work and at home, and chances are all of them use passwords as the most basic form…

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Is The App Safe? 9 Things To Consider Before Downloading

With so many issues surrounding cyber security these days, it’s no surprise why the average Joe is sceptical about downloading apps & software onto their devices. Even iOS 9 seemed to have some pretty significant security flaws when it launched recently! For that reason, our friends over at MacPaw put together a list of 9…

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Digital’s Dark Side: Preventing Cyber Crimes

Our digital age can be a double-edged sword. Technological innovations have given us the ability to make life easier, faster and more intuitive. However, at the rate we’re evolving, it’s difficult to keep our virtual selves safe as cyber criminals are advancing just as fast as our defence measures. The Ashley Madison leak A recent…