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How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error On Windows 10

Having issues with the “Your connection is not private” error when you try to access Google on Windows? Follow these 3 simple steps for an easy fix…

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Best Ways To Store Your Photos Online For Free

How often do you back-up your photos? Here are some of the easiest and best ways to store your photos online for free.

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How To Access The Wi-Fi Scanner In Mac OS X El Capitan

Just a few days ago, the general public was able to download Apple’s newest desktop operating system: OS X El Capitan. For those of us wanting to find out the best wireless channel to use for our network, you have to trawl through a few settings just like with OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. In this short guide, we’ll…

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Is The App Safe? 9 Things To Consider Before Downloading

With so many issues surrounding cyber security these days, it’s no surprise why the average Joe is sceptical about downloading apps & software onto their devices. Even iOS 9 seemed to have some pretty significant security flaws when it launched recently! For that reason, our friends over at MacPaw put together a list of 9…

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How To Take Screenshots On Apple Watch

Taking screenshots on Apple Watch is super simple, just like with screenshots on the iPhone and iPad. Here’s what you have to do: Navigate to the screen you’d like to take a screenshot of Now you have to press down on the digital crown and button on the side of your Apple Watch at the same…

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iPhone’s Home Button Stopped Working? Here’s A Temporary Fix

Unlike Android devices that have up to 3 on-screen buttons, the iPhone and iPad rely on just one physical home button. When that dies on you, you’re in trouble. Fortunately Apple have a cool little feature on iOS called “AssistiveTouch”, which can work as a temporary fix. AssistiveTouch creates an on-screen floating button that gives…

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How To Close/Kill iOS Apps On iPhone and iPad

Whether you want to restart an unresponsive app or just have OCD about the amount of apps open on your device, killing iOS apps on your iPhone and iPad is actually quite simple. Here’s what you need to do: Double-tap your home button, at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad Once you see the…