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Kitsound Cayman Wireless 2.1 Speaker Review: A Mixed Bag

The Good: Decent design, wireless connectivity, good remote control, loud and bassy sound The Bad: Lacklustre looks, plasticky parts, poor touch controls, sound quality degradation at high frequencies The Bottom Line: At £200, the Cayman is far from the worst speaker you could buy in this price range, but neither is it the best Modern…

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Gemalto’s NFC Wristbands Make Contactless Payments A Breeze

Ever since I got my hands on a contactless payment card, the chip-and-pin system feels archaic to me. I know it sounds petty (it’s only 4 digits after all), but in comparison to a ‘tap and pay’ experience entering my pin number feels more long-winded than I’d like. That’s why I was excited to try…