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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

If there was ever a Samsung product that generated a worldwide buzz prior to its release, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was it. After all, it was thanks to its predecessor, the S3, that Android-based smartphones became so popular and began to challenge the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the smartphone market. It’s no surprise then that…

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WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive (1TB) Review

If you’re on the search for a well-built, compact and reliable storage device for your media, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra could be your answer. A follow up of the ‘My Passport Edge’, this external drive offers top of the range performance with extra software features like Dropbox & WD’s SmartWare backup facility that…


The MU Foldable Plug: Probably The Coolest Plug Ever

When USB cables started going mainstream in replacement of conventional plugs; giving your battery that extra juice it needed to get you through the day suddenly became a much more convenient task. There was no more carrying around a chunky plug

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Rymdkapsel (iOS) Review

Beautifully minimal art style An original twist on the RTS genre Great price and endless replay value Soothing, electronic soundtrack Thanks to modern technology, almost everything is simple these days. Take cooking, for example. Back in the olden days, it took years of training and a discernible skill set to rustle up a culinary delight.…

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Logitech Keyboard Folio Review

Since owning my first iPad, the onscreen keyboard has probably been the first and only frustration in using the device. It’s not that it’s a bad keyboard in itself; it’s very responsive to touch and the keys are actually a nice size to type on. The trouble is, as a frequent typer I need something…

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Everything Tablet: 360° Rotating iPad Case Review

A few weeks ago, I did the unforgivable and dropped my iPad on concrete out of all possible surfaces! So that you won’t feel the same gut wrenching feeling like I did when I saw the damage, I’ve been on the hunt to help you guys find the best possible protection for your iPads. (By…

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Spigen iPhone Case: Slim Armor Review

Why Invest In Protection? Let’s face it, living in the year 2013 most of us really depend on our trusty little smartphones on a daily basis. Personally speaking, with my phone I feel connected, in sync and organised. If by chance I’m without for even half a day, it’s a whole different story. Since our phones play…