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Travel apps I always have on my phone

Being a combination of geek & travel lover means I always feel the need to carry gadgets and apps with me wherever I go. After all, what kind of a geek would I be if I didn’t stroll through the security gates at the airport using my iPhone as a boarding pass, or summon a […]

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Packing for a Workation: What’s in my tech travel backpack

Being self-employed gives me the freedom to work from wherever I want, and that means I can take a ‘workation’ (work + vacation) whenever I want. Right now, that means I’m out in Lisbon, Portugal, visiting the new apartment my wife and I just bought! (Woohoo!) Packing the right tech for these trips is always […]


STM Drifter review: A lightweight backpack for your tech

The Good: STM have built a bag here that’s lightweight, durable, comfortable and comes with plenty of storage for everyone. The Bad: The shoulder straps on the Drifter backpack could be better padded. The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a functional, storage-packed and versatile backpack, the STM Drifter is a great option. I own quite a […]

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Thanks to Hyperloop, this is what high-speed travel will look like

If you’ve never heard of Hyperloop, it’s a high-speed transport system that could carry people across vast distances in a fraction of the time it currently takes. To give you an idea of how fast we’re talking, Hyperloop would in theory get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles in around 30 minutes — a journey that typically […]

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Acer Live Blog 2016: Belfast, here we come

For the last two years Acer has taken a group of bloggers for weekend trips where we get to explore a new city, complete fun challenges and play with Acer’s newest technology. Last year we headed to Dublin in Ireland to try out some Gaelic sports (that was a lot of fun!) and the year […]

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UE Roll Speaker Review: A Compact & Versatile Bluetooth Speaker

The Good: The UE Roll combines quirky design, solid build quality, and truly impressive sound quality for a speaker of this size. The Bad: Its rear flap could close a little tighter, but it’s never given real reason for concern. The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sub £100 speaker, look no further. The […]