Testmodo Challenge #1: Samsung Note 3 Battery Life

For challenge #1 of the Testmodo competition, the three lucky winners were tasked with pushing the battery capabilities on the Samsung Note 3 to the edge, using EE’s 4G network. After putting the Note 3 under some serious stress, find out how it handled the pressures of three average users.

Last month, I wrote up a post to let you guys know about Testmodo, a competition where three lucky winners would have the chance to test out (and keep) three different smartphones using EE’s 4G network.

What I was personally looking forward to — beyond the winners being able to keep three high-end smartphones — was the prospect of reading how these users would be affected by 4G (and of course the handsets) in their day-to-day routines.

Challenge #1: Battery Life Over 4G

For the first challenge, the three contestants (Baij, Amanda & Craig) were given a Samsung Note 3 and told to test what is probably the most annoying thing about any smartphone, battery life.

The Samsung Note 3 isn’t a phone lacking in that department, packing a very large 3200mAh battery. For those of you who don’t know, that’s around double that of the iPhone 5S, so it was interesting to read about how they put the Note 3 through its paces by using Samsung’s extensive feature set, 1080p display and of course, the extremely rapid 4G network.

So, how did it perform in the hands of these three average people?

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By Fabio Virgi

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