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Twelve South BookArc: MacBook Stand Review

It’s no surprise why people admire the design of Apple products; they’re clean, simple and elegant. So when you pay premium prices for their products, there’s a pretty sound argument to invest in accessories that help you to get the most efficient use out of them.

That’s exactly what the BookArc stand for MacBook Pro from Twelve South successfully does – with an Apple-esque touch of style & finesse.

In it’s most basic form, the BookArc is a curved piece of aluminium that works as a vertical stand for your MacBook Pro – so in case you’re waiting for some fancy tricks and gimmicks, there aren’t any. But be warned, if you’re someone who appreciates products with a blend of great design & functionality and are happy to pay for it – this is one accessory you’ll find hard to resist.


BookArc Pro

BookArc MacBook

As you’d expect, Twelve South adopts Apple’s “less is more” approach in their product line and the BookArc is no different. Working as a vertical stand for the MacBook range of laptops, the BookArc is made out of curved aluminium with a matte finish – helping it to blend perfectly with the texture and colour of the MacBooks.

One of the key benefits Twelve South emphasise about this product, is its ability to be completely non-intrusive on your desk. By positioning your MacBook vertically, the BookArc automatically saves a huge amount of space and the rubber hooks found underneath help to keep wires out of sight. Embedded in to the aluminium frame you’ll also find some barely noticeable silicone feet that stop the BookArc from sliding around on your desk.

The BookArc also addresses the issue of overheating, since it provides the ideal amount of breathing room for your MacBook’s air vents. Sure, traditional laptop stand may do the same but you’ll be missing out on the space saving aspect that this design offers.


BookArc Hooks

BookArc HooksLeaving aside the pure aesthetics of the BookArc, it has a few subtle features that help it to be more than just a pretty accessory on your desk.

One of these is the inclusion of cable management hooks on either end. It goes a long way in keeping your desk uncluttered and when you need to unplug your MacBook you won’t need to worry about wires going everywhere. I did however find it disappointing that the hooks themselves couldn’t handle more wires. Once the cable from my Thunderbolt Display was wired up, I hardly had enough space for a thin auxiliary cable and had to either squeeze it in or leave it hanging if it dropped out of the hook. Having said that, if you’re using a standard HDMI/VGA cable for a standard display you’re unlikely to face the same issue since those cables are significantly thinner.

Inside the box you’ll find that Twelve South include silicone inserts that cater to the 13, 15 & 17″ MacBook Pros (including Retina models). It’s a nice touch that saves you having to buy a unique stand should you decide to upgrade your machine at some point. These inserts were really easy to fit but if I had to nitpick, I’d say that the fit was a little loose for my 13″ MacBook Pro. It isn’t something that compromises stability but I was expecting more of a snug fit. If you happen to have a case on your laptop though – the BookArc will fit just about right.

A Productivity Booster

BookArc Desk

Whilst other stands allow you to use your MacBook as a second display when connected to another monitor, doing this has a draining effect on performance. The reasoning is actually quite simple – by running two monitors at once, the GPU has to work harder – and so the BookArc allows you to run your MacBook in Clamshell mode (working with the lid closed) so that you can get the most out of the performance.

Although Clamshell mode probably won’t be ideal for users with smaller screens who want extra screen space to work with, someone with a larger screen like Apple’s 27″ Thunderbolt Display will definitely benefit from a tidy & efficient setup.

Is It Worth It?

When you consider that the BookArc is essentially just an aluminium laptop stand, the £40 ($49.99) price tag can come across as quite steep. However, for someone who truly values great design and takes pride in their workspace this is a must have addition to your desk.

Using this stand will make efficient use of your MacBook’s hardware when hooked up to an external display, you’ll benefit from a tidy and efficient workspace and last but not least, it just looks gorgeous.


By Fabio Virgi

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