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With everything we put our smartphones through on a day-to-day basis — from checking emails and playing games to taking photos and checking our Twitter feeds 1000 times a day — they’ll inevitably begin to feel strained over time.

That’s why it’s worth putting aside some time to maintain your device and keep it running smoothly.

To help, our friends over at DU Apps Studio have a couple of Android apps you can use to optimise your device’s performance and get it running smoothly again.

DU Battery Saver

For most people, battery life is the biggest pain in the butt when it comes to owning a smartphone. DU Battery Saver aims to prolong your Android phone’s battery life with a range of features like pre-set (or self-created) modes, one-touch controls and widgets.

Do you run power-hungry apps or leave on settings like Bluetooth? DU Battery Saver will intelligently optimise those apps & services so that they use less of your battery.

DU Battery Saver also has a great Phone Cooler feature. According to the app developers, this feature works by cross-referencing your phone’s ambient temperature with the most CPU-intensive apps that are currently running, and then it intelligently closes the precise processes that are the culprits behind the heat.

For more information and to download DU Battery Saver for free, visit the Google Play Store here, or  or

DU Speed Booster


Over time — once you’ve downloaded too many apps — things start to get sluggish. That’s where apps like DU Speed Booster come in.

It’s effectively an all-in-one optimisation and cleaning tool, combined with an in-built antivirus feature too. DU Apps Studio claim it can boost your phone’s speed by 60%, and clean files from your cache to free up space on your SD card — along with a speed & RAM-boosting feature.

DU Speed Booster also includes an Accelerator widget, an internet speed test feature, a powerful Trash Cleaner, an App Manager that lets users manually uninstall bloatware, and a Game Booster that automatically improves game performance by as much as 25%.

For more information and to download DU Speed Booster for free, visit the Google Play Store here, or

Do you have any suggestions of your own to keep Android devices running smoothly? Let us know in the comments below!

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