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5 Gaming Gadgets You Should Keep Your Eyes On In 2015

There is always something new and exciting going on in the world of gaming. While the world did just receive the all new Xbox One and the PS4 recently, it does not mean that we are going to be without exceptional gadgets to come in the near future. Yes, it means that we are not going to have new, substantial systems, but it doesn’t mean it is going to be a down year for 2015. In fact, this is a list of the top five gaming gadgets you need to check out in the coming year.


Yes, this device kind of made its debut at the end of last year, but it really didn’t go main stream. Now, there are basically two different variations of this device, which allows you to play virtual reality games through a headset that is rather small, when compared to all of the other arcade based virtual reality games. There is the larger Oculus Rift that provides you with the very best in virtual reality home gaming, and then there is one that actually works with the Samsung Galaxy Note. This is a slightly smaller option, but for people who already own the Note, this is an inexpensive ($200) purchase for the gear. For people who are looking for a home virtual reality experience, this is a great way to go about it.


This is a rather interesting piece of equipment for people who want a gaming system but do not want to plunk down $500 for a new system and equipment. The Razer uses PC based gaming and an Android operating system with controller to give people the ability to play a gaming system connected to their TV for $100. So far, the Android operating system gaming platforms have not proven all that impressive yet, so hopefully this one changes it a bit.

USB 3.1

Alright, so why in the world is a computer cable mentioned on the list of 2015 gaming tech you need to keep your eyes on? Well, it is because the designers of USB has finally listed to us. You know how you are never able to connect a USB cable to a computer, gaming system or other device on the first try? It seems to take two or three adjustments and rotating the cable multiple ways in order to actually get it to connect? Well, that is no longer the case as USB 3.1 is a rectangular shape with curved sides that is the same up as it is down, so it does not matter how you plug it in. It finally has the same easy connectivity options as the older, round plugs.

Chinese Gaming Equipments

Many of the higher end gaming console systems just recently hit the Chinese market, and the majority of these devices cost several thousand dollars over there. To combat the higher prices in China and the rest of the world, you are going to see a slew of new Chinese gaming platforms out there. Snail Gaming is one of them, with a controller and system that looks extremely similar to the Xbox (it is call the “OBox…so not too creative on the name). If the manufacturer is able to land gaming titles on this device through digital download, it might be worth checking out.

STEM System

Virtual reality is really going to make a big splash this year and STEM System is going to help you take advantage of it. There are different gaming platforms out there and this uses a series of sensors along with a standard VR device (such as the Oculus and Sony’s Project Morpheus) to give you the very best in VR gaming. This system sets up different motion tracking elements around a room that is able to monitor your movements while you have the VR headset on. In an example that came out and CES 2015, the software when pared up with the other equipment showcased a player able to use two different lightsabers from the movie Star Wars while combating different enemies. All of this moved directly with the movement of the individual, so for anyone who has ever wanted to know what it is like to use a lightsaber, block blaster bolts or do anything of this nature, 2015 might be the year for them. It all comes with the assistance of these different kinds of new gaming gadgets.

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