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How To Access the Wi-Fi Scanner in Mac OS X Mavericks

If your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping off, then changing the wireless channel your network is using can be a great solution.

To find the best wireless channel to use, Mac users would typically use the native Wi-Fi scanner but since the upgrade to OS X Mavericks, it seemingly disappeared from the Wireless Diagnostics Utility.

So, if you want to quickly and easily gain access to the Mac’s native Wi-Fi scanner to find the best wireless channel for your network, here’s how to do it:

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1) Find the Wireless Diagnostics Utility by either performing a Spotlight search for “Wireless Diagnostics”, or, hold down the Option key and click on the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar. You’ll find Open Wireless Diagnostics at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

2) When you’ve got the Wireless Diagnostics window open, head over the menu bar. Under Window, go to the Utilities option.

3) Finally, once that Utilities window is open, head over to the Wi-Fi Scan tab, click Scan Now (bottom right of the window) and find the best wireless channel for you!

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