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Belkin’s Mixit DuraTek is a strong Kevlar Lightning cable for iPhone/iPad

As with everything in the world of Apple, Lightning cables tend to cost a pretty penny. £19 will get you their classic white 1m cable at the Apple Store, which, when you think about it, is a lot of money for a cable that’s as poorly made as it is.

If you’re fed up with Lightning cables that snap easily or just stop working, Belkin’s Mixit DuraTek Lightning cable (£25 or $30) could be worth a look.

It costs a little more, but this thing comes in four different colours — black, gold, rose gold and silver — and the standout feature here is the DuPont Kevlar fibre reinforcing the inner wiring. As an iPhone user who has had bad experiences with Lightning cables damaging easily, this sounds like a very promising alternative for a long term investment.

Belkin's Mixit DuraTek cable in Gold
Belkin’s Mixit DuraTek cable in Gold

The Mixit DuraTek cable is lined with a double braided Nylon on the outside, so unlike Apple’s Lightning cable which can easily be damaged when bent constantly, this should be far more resistant over time.

Belkin claim that the Mixit DuraTek Lightning cable is better equipped to deal with strain and splitting because of its connector head — made from a flexible TPE material (mix of rubber & plastic) and covered with an aluminium casing — which has been “tested to withstand 5000+ cycles where the cable is bent to 180-degrees”.

Taking into account the build quality of this cable and Belkin’s 5 year guarantee, you’ve got a pretty enticing Lightning cable here. Yes you’ll pay a premium up front, but if the cable lasts then it’ll be worth the investment in the long run.


By Fabio Virgi

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