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How to remove predictive text bar on iPad when using a Bluetooth keyboard

Hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard or keyboard case to an iPad — especially now that iPadOS is so good — turns the device into a productivity beast. I’ve loved using my iPad Pro with a keyboard and mouse so far! Now, by default the iPadOS keyboard has a predictive text & shortcut bar above the […]

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Logitech Crayon review: An affordable stylus alternative to Apple Pencil

If you own an iPad you’ve probably considered getting yourself a stylus, like the Apple Pencil. At £120 though, you really need to justify that expense with your usability and personally, I don’t have enough demand for a stylus to spend that much! I’d rather splash the cash on something like a keyboard, mouse or […]

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Unboxing the “toughest cable on earth”: Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning cable

I always find it interesting when new companies make bold claims, and Fuse Chicken has come out with a big one: they’ve apparently made the toughest cable on earth. Considering the number of frayed Lightning cables I’ve seen around this house, that kind of strapline caught my attention so I agreed to check out their […]

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STM’s versatile Studio iPad case fits 4 different iPad models

We often purchase accessories like protective cases for iPhones & iPads knowing they will only fit a single model. Once you upgrade the device to the latest generation, that case becomes redundant and your investment goes down the drain. STM’s latest Studio case for iPad (£27/$40) fixes that with compatibility across 4 different iPad models: iPad […]

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Belkin’s Mixit DuraTek is a strong Kevlar Lightning cable for iPhone/iPad

As with everything in the world of Apple, Lightning cables tend to cost a pretty penny. £19 will get you their classic white 1m cable at the Apple Store, which, when you think about it, is a lot of money for a cable that’s as poorly made as it is. If you’re fed up with Lightning cables […]

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Gamevice review: A gaming controller for your iPhone & iPad

The Good: From the main body to its buttons, Gamevice is a well made gaming controller and makes iOS gaming a lot more fun. The Bad: It is expensive and not all games are compatible with it, making the investment in a gaming controller for iOS questionable. The Bottom Line: If you game on iOS and […]


Apple’s new “TV” app for iOS & Apple TV unifies all your content

In today’s event, Apple has introduced a new TV app that aims to unify all of your content — from all of your Apple TV apps — into a single app called “TV”. Thanks to Siri integration, you can continue to watch your favourite shows or movies on any device — since it knows where […]

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Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage tier ahead of iPhone 7 launch

While the tech world eagerly awaits the launch of Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone 7, they’ve launched a 2TB iCloud storage option for $20/£14 a month. Alongside the free 5GB of storage every iCloud user gets by default, the newly introduced 2TB tier joins the existing 50GB, 200GB and 1TB options. This could imply a change of storage options […]


Christmas Deals: PayPal Offers 0% Finance On Apple Store Purchases

Ready to treat yourself this Christmas? PayPal has teamed up with Apple to offer us 0% finance on all purchases over the value of £99. Considering the premium (and sometimes even overpriced) price tags on Apple’s tech, this sort of deal is awesome for spreading costs across the year. The caveat is that this offer […]

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WWDC ’15: Apple Improves Multi-Tasking For iPad In iOS 9

Apple’s iPad has been popular for casual uses like light gaming, social networking and watching videos, however for some, it’s more of a productivity tool used for getting work done. For those users, the iPad has always lacked one thing: good multi-tasking functionality. Today at WWDC 2015, Apple announced that iOS 9 will fix that with three features […]