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CleanMyMac 3: Better, Faster and Smarter

Despite the rapid increase in SSD capacity (and decrease in price), storage is still a precious commodity on most Macs. CleanMyMac, an app I’ve long relied on to help manage said commodity was just updated to version 3 and introduces a wealth of improvements and features all packaged in a stunning new design.

Features: Some New, Some Improved

CleanMyMac helps you keep your Mac’s disk space in check. It does so by intelligently scanning the system for unneeded cruft such as old logs, cache files, localisations and universal binaries and then allowing you to safely delete it. Version 3 improves upon this by adding additional sources it scours for junk as well as refining existing sources.

3.4 iPhoto Junk – Detailed Results

Get a side-by-side view of which images you want to delete.

CleanMyMac can now search iTunes for old iOS software updates, old backups and incomplete downloads. It can remove email attachments that are still accessible yet taking up space and will also show you side-by-side previews of images when clearing out iPhoto junk (a important feature when dealing with data as sensitive as photos).

In the past, the focus has been on managing disk space, but with version 3, MacPaw have taken things a step further by allowing you to perform routine (and not so routine) maintenance tasks to ensure your Mac keeps running smoothly.

9.2 Maintenance – Task List

A host of maintenance tasks to choose from.

Running maintenance scripts, verifying and repairing disk permissions and disks, rebuilding Launch Services and reindexing spotlight are just a few of the tasks tucked away under the Maintenance tab. CleanMyMac 3 also helps safeguard your privacy by removing browsing data from Chrome, Firefox and Safari in one fell swoop as well as chat data from Skype and Messages.

Another notable addition is that of the Dashboard. With a quick glance you are able to glean vital information about the health of your Mac and even take some action when needed (such as purging memory).

13.4 Dashboard – Critical Issue Information

The Dashboard can provide vital information and allow you to take action.

 CleanMyMac 3 costs usually costs $39.99  but for a limited time you can take advantage of a 50% discount. If you haven’t already tried it, then download a copy. I’m quite sure you’ll be happy you did.


By Pedro Lobo

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