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Toshiba TransMemory ID USB Stick (64GB) Review

The Good: Impressive read performance of over 130 MB/s, with a simplistic design. Also comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Bad: The TransMemory USB stick’s write performance isn’t great for a USB 3.0 drive, at under 15 MB/s.

The Bottom Line: Despite its low write performance, a price tag under £30 makes the Toshiba TransMemory USB a decent purchase.

Toshiba has been a big name in the portable flash memory market for a long time, and they’re holding this title up even today in a market cluttered with thousands of options for USB sticks. They sent out their 64GB version of the TransMemory USB stick (also available in 8, 16 and 32GB), and here’s what I think after some weeks using it.

Simplistic design & build quality

The Toshiba TransMemory is a very small, plain black USB stick, which includes a 9 x 33mm memo space on each side with adhesive labels so that the stick can be labeled and identified easily. This is almost like an homage to the days of writing labels on cassette tapes or VCR tapes.

Nothing very flashy here — it’s small and subtle.


Using BlackMagic to speed test the TransMemory USB drive (with a 5GB load), the results were rather surprising. The drive’s write speeds clocked up an uninspiring 13.8 MB/s — which is inferior to some other USB sticks we’ve used in the past — while the read speeds clocked up an impressive 136.6 MB/s.

The Bottom Line

Costing just £29.55 at the time of writing, I quite like the Toshiba TransMemory. It’s simple, works really well and is as well priced.

Better all-round performance would have been ideal, but with a 5 year warranty and a low price point, there’s really no reason why this wouldn’t be the USB stick for you.


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