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Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Location

Through a simple new add-on for Google Maps, you can now view your location history when the account linked to your mobile device is connected to the internet.

Google has been my main choice of ecosystem online and I enter near enough every piece of information in to my account. I’ve got reminders, calendars, all my contacts and now everywhere I have visited.

Through a simple new add-on for Google Maps, you can now view your location history when the account linked to your mobile device is connected to the internet.

This pulls up the question of how long Google has actually been using this data? Whilst we may only be able to view 30 days, Google could have location data for our account over years and we will never know. The scariest part is that we’ll never even know where the data goes.

Google Maps Location

How do you feel about your location being tracked?

Drop a comment down below and tell us your thoughts on Google tracking your every move.


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You view your own personal location map here.

By Billy Noyes

From DSLR's all the way to PCs, Billy loves nothing more than playing with all different types of technology. He's covering the latest tech news here on Let's Talk Tech.