With a library of nearly 20,000 photos & videos (near enough 50GB worth of files), it’s incredibly important that I have regular backups of all those memories. Most of those photos are stored on iCloud, but I also use Google Photos and OneDrive as secondary backups, just in case. The thing is, these are all digital versions, so what if something goes wrong?

The Kodak Moments app goes back to basics, making it easy to print off physical versions of your photos so that if your digital world falls apart, you at least have something tangible to hold on to.

Kodak Moments App

The app includes a basic gallery so you can browse through photos on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Flickr, all in one place. You can also edit your photos and then share on social networks, but in fairness, you can do that with your phone’s default gallery app.

Kodak Alaris’ main selling point here is the ability to shoot, edit and choose the photos you’d like printed, all from the convenience of your device, and being able to collect them in-store or delivered directly to your house. When connected to a Kodak Picture Kiosk, you can even create greeting cards, collages, photo books and more — although this functionality will be available on the app’s next update, due in a couple of weeks.

Interesting stats

According to their own study, Kodak Alaris found that 13% of people don’t make an effort to back up their photos — whether that’s using printed versions, social media or digital backups.

Whilst 78% would print photos taken on a smartphone to put on display, they are deterred from doing so because:

  • a perception that photos taken on mobile devices aren’t good enough quality (31%)
  • photos are difficult to get from a mobile to a printer (15%)
  • or because they simply don’t know how to print from a mobile phone (19%)

Would you use physical backups?

I’m a big fan of keeping various digital backups rather than physical, but with this app it’s certainly easier than before to create physical versions of the most important memories too.

Do you still create physical photos? Let me know if this app would be useful to you in the comments!


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