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Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth Keyboard Announced for Android and Windows

Last week, Fabio reviewed the Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth keyboard for iPad, and just this week Logitech have announced another version for both Android and Windows devices too.

It’s made of a water-repellent FabricSkin which not only helps to avoid any spillage on the keyboard but also allows for it to be very thin and light. Alongside the keyboard, you’ll also get a stand for you phone or tablet — something that doesn’t come with the iPad version.

Wash down of the Keys-to-Go Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

Logitech are pricing the Keys-to-Go for Android and Windows at £54.99/$69.99, and should be available this month in North America, Europe and Asia.

By Billy Noyes

From DSLR's all the way to PCs, Billy loves nothing more than playing with all different types of technology. He's covering the latest tech news here on Let's Talk Tech.