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OIO Launches Theater-Experience iPad Speaker Case

Fed up with your iPad’s speakers? Amp is a sleek, modern case that combines the protective and portable benefits of an iPad case with premium audio technology. Read more here.

It’s been almost 5 years since the launch of the first iPad, and every other iPad after it subsequently. 5 years of great tablets with horrendous built in speakers.

There are of course solutions to this, for example portable bluetooth speakers, but those are generally not aesthetically pleasing and have less-than-desirable battery life.

This is why the OIO Amp case is oh so important to anyone with an iPad Air (or iPad Air 2 once it’s out). The Amp case has just launched from a Kickstarter campaign, which has raised over $6700 already. The final goal is to raise $50,000 to get the movement going, and for just $129 you could have your very own Amp case by December.

11340d1d484f85d33b88da4336943859_largeClipping iPad into Amp iPad Air speaker case

The case has two built in loudspeakers which fold out, and the case itself allows an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 to clip in with ease. The case also stands up in multiple angles for different uses such as angling the speakers towards the ceiling or using the iPad’s keyboard comfortably.

The Amp case connects to the iPad via Bluetooth which means you can use it as speakers for any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone, and you can use it with an iPad Air whether it’s in the case or not.

The speaker case by OIO also boasts a sturdy aluminium frame, with good build quality and a robust structure.


For more information on the Amp iPad Speaker Case, check out it’s KickStarter or the OIO Site.


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