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OTONE Audio Blufiniti Bluetooth Speaker Review

OTONE’s Blufiniti speaker is a curvy but great sounding portable Bluetooth speaker. At £49.99 it comes across as a bargain, but is it worth your money? Read the full review to find out!

The Good: Blufiniti features a nice curvy design along with good build quality. It sounds great — even at higher volumes — and OTONE include a few accessories and managed to fit in NFC connectivity too.

The Bad: one of the rubber feet on my Blufiniti fell off randomly.

The Bottom Line: for its price, OTONE have built a very impressive speaker here. Blufiniti packs good looks & build quality, useful accessories, and impressive audio quality that makes it good value at £49.99.

Last month I got my first look at the Blufiniti speaker from British company, OTONE. It’s a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that costs just £49.99, but how does it perform? Read on to find out.

Curvy and well-constructed design

There’s plenty to like about Blufiniti’s design. Its curvaceous design is not only eye-catching, but it also makes the speaker comfortable to hold in one hand if you want to carry it around with you. I also like that OTONE have thrown in a splash of colour on either side, and you can pick from white, black, red, blue, green and yellow — the one I have here.

Around those coloured sides you’ll find a rubber rim which cushions the Blufiniti speaker when you stand it up vertically, allowing it to stay well gripped to the surface it’s on.

OTONE Blufiniti speaker controls

You can use the Blufiniti speaker laying down flat, or standing up

Across the top of the Blufiniti speaker you’ve got a range of buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing and volume. You have to press down quite hard to actually make them work, but they’ve been reliable and consistent during my time using the speaker. At this price point it’s really easy to get buttons wrong, so OTONE have done a really good job here.

Around the back you’ll find a micro-USB port for charging the speaker as well as an AUX port for wired connectivity, and on the base of the Blufiniti OTONE have included three small rubber feet (one of which fell off randomly — sad times!).

OTONE Blufiniti speaker ports

Ports at the back of the Blufiniti speaker

Despite that small caveat in the build quality department, the OTONE Blufiniti feels really well made. The plastic shell feels thick and strong and the buttons worked well and reliably — for a £49.99 speaker it’s impressive.

OTONE also include a few useful accessories with the Blufiniti speaker, including a neoprene carrying pouch, carabiner carrying clip, USB charging cable and AUX cable.

OTONE Blufiniti speaker accessories

Accessories that OTONE include with your Blufiniti speaker

Good, well-rounded sound

While I couldn’t test the speaker with NFC connectivity myself, it performed very reliably over a Bluetooth connection. I’ve been listening to a range of music, from streaming on Spotify (on high quality) and iTunes to live radio, and what has stood out to me while using Blufiniti is the way it doesn’t distort easily at high volumes.

Where other speakers at this price range would struggle to perform at 90-95% volume, Blufiniti handles it comfortably with well-rounded sound. I’ve found bass to be punchy (especially considering the speaker’s rather small footprint) without feeling overwhelming, and vocals & trebles sound nice and clear too. This is a speaker more than capable of filling up a busy room with good sound, and in fact, I’d even say that Blufiniti’s performance challenges some speakers double its price!

Using Boom 2 — an equaliser app for Mac — everything sounds even better, and to be honest I’ve been surprised at the quality of sound coming out from something this small.

In terms of battery life, I’ve been using Blufiniti on and off for days so I’m fairly confident that it can last between 5-7 hours over a Bluetooth connection.

OTONE Blufiniti speaker: verdict

OTONE are onto a winner here. Taking into account its £49.99 price, the included accessories, useful features like NFC, and a very nice design & build quality, the OTONE Blufiniti is a great buy for anybody in the market for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker.


By Fabio Virgi

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