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Google Fit Update Brings New Tracking Information and Android Wear Watch Face

Google has updated their fitness app, Google Fit, in order for it to finally be able to track the number of calories you’ve burned, as well as the distance you have travelled. For you to be able to track this data you’ll have to ensure that you have entered you’re height, weight and gender, allowing the…

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How To Increase The Moto 360’s Display Timeout

Over the time period of owning a Moto 360 I’ve encountered a really annoying issue: the display turns off too quickly. For most people it’ll probably be enough time, especially when all you want to do is read a notification or check the time, but it’s totally different when you want to demonstrate a feature on…

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Moto 360 – Round Design In Under 60 Seconds

In the lead up to the release of the Moto360, Motorola have continued the hype by releasing a video in which Lior Ron talks about the round design and the reason for going with it.

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Samsung Gear Live & LG G Smartwatches Available To Pre-Order Today

Yesterday at Google I/O, Google announced the release of a couple of smartwatches: the Samsung Gear Live, and the LG G watch. The best part of all? They’re both available for pre-order today.

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Leaked Image of LG G Watch Arrives Again Ahead of Google I/O

Ahead of Google I/O on the 25th of June – which is where we are most likely to see LG’s demonstration of the LG G Watch as part of Android Wear – a leaked image of the LG G Watch has arrived online, showing what seems to be the real product. If the leaked image…