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Google Fit Update Brings New Tracking Information and Android Wear Watch Face

Google has updated their fitness app, Google Fit, in order for it to finally be able to track the number of calories you’ve burned, as well as the distance you have travelled.

For you to be able to track this data you’ll have to ensure that you have entered you’re height, weight and gender, allowing the app to calculate a more accurate ‘calories burned’ result.

Within the user interface you are now able to view a timeline which includes the amount of active time, the number of steps, calories burned and the distance you have travelled. You are then able to filter the timeline into days, weeks or months.

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Also brought along with the update was a widget for your phone’s homescreen, as well as a watch face for Android Wear devices.

Google are using their roll-out method for updating the app, but if your haven’t received the update yet you can download the APK below and side load it on your phone.

Download Google Fit from the Play Store Download the Google Fit APK

By Billy Noyes

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