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Arcam’s MusicBoost iPhone Case Improves Audio Quality & Charges Battery

The iPhone accessory market is full of very cool products, and Arcam’s new MusicBoost case is the latest to join that list. At a light weight of just 100 grams and enough juice to fully recharge your iPhone, the MusicBoost has four uses in one: it’s a protective case, DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), headphone…

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TIDAL’s New Owner Jay-Z Announces His Vision For High Quality Music #TidalforAll

Jay-Z tonight outlined his vision as the new owner of TIDAL in a live streamed broadcast to the planet. In case you haven’t heard of TIDAL before, it’s essentially a music streaming service, but unlike services like Spotify that play compressed files, TIDAL delivers high-fidelity sound. Alicia Keys presented an artist owned music streaming format to create a better…

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TIDAL Launches High Fidelity Music Streaming Service To Rival Spotify

TIDAL is a new service by the Scandinavian makers of WiMP HiFi, Aspiro, that aims to deliver high fidelity music streaming, HD music videos and curated editorial in the U.S and U.K.