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My top 4 iPad apps for photo editing

Guest author:┬áMichael Penn In this day and age, the iPad is becoming more of a powerful working tool than it ever has been before. With iOS 11 coming out this fall, the iPad is getting some much-needed upgrades to really help it along in the work and education categories. It has also been a great…

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Google Releases Snapseed 2.0 Update

After much success with the original Snapseed application, Google have just released version 2.0 of the photo editing application for iOS and Android. The update packs a number of new effects along with a much more visual and intuitive user interface, however Google decided to keep the same basic idea of sliding up or down…

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How to Install Snapseed 2.0 Ahead of Google Play Launch

Google’s photo editing application, Snapseed, has recently received the 2.0 update. Some users are able to download it from the Google Play store right now, however many are still unable to. This is easily overcome though; you can simply sideload the APK file. To start off you’re going to need to ensure that you are…