If you’re still waiting for your invite to buy the OnePlus One then you are in luck, OppoMart (not affiliated with OnePlus) have early Silk White 16GB variants available to purchase. They’re also advertising the 64GB models, so hopefully it will be available for purchase pretty soon.

OnePlus One Early - 1

The one drawback is that the OnePlus One runs ‘Color OS’ due to CyanogenMod not currently being fully ready for release, however that will be just a matter of updating the OS once it is. You will also have to pay extra to get the phone early, although if you’re that eager to get phone which is current invite only, I’m sure you will be able to pay close to an extra $100.

OnePlus One Early - 2

Pick up your early OnePlus One from OppoMart for $389 Here

Source: OppoMart

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