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5 Interesting Ways To Use Apple Watch Apps

The launch of the Apple Watch is just around the corner (24th April) and some estimates state that Apple could sell as many as 30 million Watches in 2015 alone.

With few other smartwatches historically hitting the mark with consumers, the Apple Watch – which Apple calls ‘the most advanced timepiece ever created’ – may finally mean that wearable tech can start living up to the hype.

So, as Apple ventures into its first completely new product category since the iPad in 2010, below are 5 interesting apps available on the Apple Watch.

Notes on the go

Evernote is one of the most popular note-making and sharing services out there and its move to the Apple Watch will bring many benefits to users.

The app will let users read their notes, use the dictation tool to make new notes, set reminders and even use GPS to find public notes near their location.

This could be a great way for busy workers to cram in a few last minute data points and sales figures in the lift on the way to a make or break meeting!


IG’s development team started to plan out how to make their awarding-winning platform available on Apple Watch the moment that the device was announced by Apple. The IG Apple Watch trading app is what they came up with – a distilled version of the existing iPhone app that allows investors to find, edit and open trades from their wrists.

Something that just a few years ago required a desktop computer – or had to be done over a landline – can now be taken care of on a watch. With just a few taps, traders can make new trades, edit or close existing positions, or check what events are coming up that day. The markets have never been so accessible. Traders can even use Siri’s voice detection to state the level of stocks they’d like to trade.


This is an app that has only been made as a prototype by software company ELEKS, but the Tesla remote control is a great example of what can be done with Apple’s new tech.

Users can check up on their Tesla Model S from their wrists, in one of the first James Bond-level pieces of gadgetry revealed for the device. They can also find out where the car is or how much further it can go without a charge, open the sunroof and even beep the horn to scare passers-by.


Those living in – or visiting – major cities know the perils of trying to find their way around. The Citymapper app ensures that getting lost is no longer a problem.

Users can get directions to a destination from their wrists and even receive a friendly tap on when their bus, tram or train arrives or reaches the right destination. They can look like a local, even when they’re not!


Babbel have taken the personal nature of Apple’s device and applied it somewhere new: language learning. Instead of learning a language in isolation, the Babbel app takes location into account when teaching its user new vocabulary.

Out for dinner? Users can pick up phrases in a chosen language based on ordering food, or learn the items on a menu – all because the Apple Watch has detected its surroundings.

Author: This article was written by freelance writer Sophie Davidson.

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