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Apple’s Brand New Cheaper iMac Starting at just £899

A couple of months after the unexpected MacBook Air price drop, Apple have also decided to release a brand new cheaper 21.5″ iMac which comes in at just £899/$1,099 for the baseline model or £1,099/$1,349 if you opt to go all out with the storage as this is the only thing able to be upgraded.


Alongside the £149 change in price there is also a pretty hefty cutback in terms of the power packed inside, since it’s only available with a 1.4Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, although this can be Turbo Boosted to a maximum of just 2.7GHz, it still isn’t anything great.

On a much brighter note it does come with a non-upgradeable 8GB of RAM which is definitely enough seen as this computer most probably won’t be marketed towards video editors. Other than the price and specification drop everything else seems to have remained the same.

Buy the Brand New Cheaper iMac

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U.S. Link: Buy Now

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