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Gamevice review: A gaming controller for your iPhone & iPad

The Good: From the main body to its buttons, Gamevice is a well made gaming controller and makes iOS gaming a lot more fun. The Bad: It is expensive and not all games are compatible with it, making the investment in a gaming controller for iOS questionable. The Bottom Line: If you game on iOS and…

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Siri can now send & request money via PayPal on iPhone

Since its inception, Siri has been one of those assistants that hasn’t been all that useful. That’s changed over time, and while you’ve been able to dictate text messages, ask about the weather or set up a reminder, you (annoyingly) haven’t been able to control any third party apps on your device. Apple recently changed that by making Siri…

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Fastest ways to open your iPhone camera

Sometimes we have to be sharp to capture an important moment, but by the time you unlock your phone, open the camera app and steady your hands — the moment could be gone. Thankfully, iOS 10 has some very useful features that enable you to open the camera app quicker and faster than ever before. Here are four of…

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F-Secure’s new Total Security & Privacy combines VPN & Internet Security

F-Secure has a range of useful apps in their portfolio including F-Secure Booster, Key, Freedome and Safe — but they’re all standalone products you need to buy individually. This week, the company announced a new product that combines their VPN (Freedome) and Internet Security (Safe) apps into a single subscription, and it’s called F-Secure Total Security & Privacy. Costing…

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iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus: Apple unveils new flagship smartphones

If there’s one tech event I look forward to in the year, it’s Apple’s iPhone launch in September. Today’s the day that usually has people on the edge of their seats, waiting to be wowed by their (potentially) new phone and today, we’ve seen Apple announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Here’s what you can…

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Run will launch on iOS App Store

After announcing that the iOS App Store has summed up over 140 billion total downloads, and that iOS devices are immensely popular gaming devices with over 500,000 titles to choose from, Apple has announced that Super Mario Run will come to iOS. Super Mario Run Super Mario is one of — if not the biggest — game Nintendo…

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Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage tier ahead of iPhone 7 launch

While the tech world eagerly awaits the launch of Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone 7, they’ve launched a 2TB iCloud storage option for $20/£14 a month. Alongside the free 5GB of storage every iCloud user gets by default, the newly introduced 2TB tier joins the existing 50GB, 200GB and 1TB options. This could imply a change of storage options…

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Google’s Motion Stills app creates fun GIFs & movies from your Apple Live Photos

I love Apple’s Live Photo feature because it’s a brilliant way to capture a moment beyond a static photograph. The combination of audio with that brief second before and after creates a fun and interactive memory. Sharing those Live Photos is a problem though since they need to be created into GIFs before you can…

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Honor’s Emotion UI Is A Comfortable Switch From iOS To Android

Despite the growing similarities on both platforms, iOS and Android continue to remain two worlds apart. While iOS is restricted by Apple’s preference for simpler design, Android embraces customisation and the ability to make the device your own. Each one suits different tastes, and it’s just a case of picking what works for you. I’ve been using…

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Steelseries Stratus XL review: Upgrade your mobile gaming experience?

Mobile gaming has a big part to play in many peoples experience with their smartphone. Most of the time we just look at the specs of a phone to improve it, however sometimes I feel it’s ruined through the use of on screen controls – This is an issue which Steelseries have attempted to solve through the…