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Snugg MacBook Air Wallet Case: Luxurious Protection Without Breaking the Bank

The MacBook Air, with its reduced weight and extended battery life, is ideal for a mobile worker such as myself. Most times I’ll resort to using my backpack when commuting, but there are other times when all I need is to throw my Mac under my arm and head off to a client or remote […]

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Apple CarPlay: Bringing iOS To Your Car’s Dashboard

Apple has now announced CarPlay, a system that takes the core iOS functions from your iPhone — like Siri, messages, maps, music and calling — and puts them on your car’s in built display.

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Truffol Autograph: A Leather Skin For Your iPhone 5S

Skins like Truffol’s genuine leather Autograph series on the other hand are a reasonably priced option at $18, and with the added ability to emboss up to three of your initials on to it, this is going to be a stylish and personal accessory for your iPhone.

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How To Use Facebook Chat On Mac OS X’s Messages App

Maintaining an ongoing conversation on Facebook is annoying and there’s one reason why; you need to be logged in and have your web browser open whilst doing it! As much as Apple has tried to integrate Facebook and Twitter features in to OS X, being able to chat to your friends and family isn’t one […]

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Ditch Your Password, ‘Knock’ Your iPhone To Unlock Your Mac Instead

There’s a lot of cool stuff I knew I could do with my iPhone, but using an app to unlock my computer wasn’t one of them. Thanks to William Henderson and Jon Schlossberg, founders of Knock, you can now ditch your password and simply unlock your Mac machine with two knocks on your iPhone. Yeah, […]

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iPhone 5C: What You Need To Know

Apple tonight confirmed the launch of a cheaper variation to their flagship device, the iPhone 5C. Although rumours around the web were angling towards a lower-end phone, the technology giants instead confirmed that the ‘C’ stands for ‘colour’. Even though it isn’t the budget phone that we expected it to be, it still comes in at £80 […]

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Sharing Photos With Photo Stream on iOS

If you’re the type of person who’s always taking snaps with the camera of your iPhone or iDevice, then there’s probably been a time when you wanted to share some of those photos privately with friends and family. There are a few ways to do that, like sharing a Dropbox folder or tagging people on […]