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Google Cast For Audio Announced

With Google’s recent announcement, it looks like they’re planning to expand further in the entertainment market — this time with audio rather than just video. The new service is called Google Cast for Audio, and it’ll allow you to use many of the well-known streaming services (strangely, not Spotify or Beats Music) and beam them to any Google Cast ready speakers.

As with the Google Chromecast, they’re keeping the process very simple: choose the streaming service you want and tapping the “Cast” button to have it play over the speakers.

With Google Cast, audio isn’t streamed from your phone, tablet or computer. Instead, your device acts just as a controller and the speakers actually pull content directly from the cloud. This prevents any stuttering or drops in audio quality, and it also helps your device’s battery life since it isn’t being strained during use.

So far we know that there are eight services which will be able to use Google Cast for Audio, including: Google Play Music, Pandora, Tunein and NPR One. Naturally, we’re expecting this list to grow substantially as time goes on.

Since Google Cast requires specifically built speakers, Google have announced three of the companies they’ll be working with: Denon, Sony and LG. It’s more than likely that we’ll be see a number compatible speakers, receivers and sound bars this year.


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By Billy Noyes

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