Without reliable wireless our fancy tablets and smart phones lose their lustre and can rack up massive data bills. By its very nature WiFi can be patchy depending on a variety of things; where your router sits, if you have solid walls that the signal can’t penetrate, interference from neighbouring wireless networks etc…

If patchy WiFi seems familiar, don’t despair — wireless range extenders boost the range and strength of your routers wireless signal and they work with any router or ISP. These handy wireless boosters are easy to install as well. Push the WPS button on your router then the pair button on the range extender and presto you’re done, a seamless wireless network without touching a configuration screen.

Even better, once paired with your router you can move the range extender from one socket to another without losing the settings. So if you want to escape the wireless dead zone, reach for a range extender.

TPLINK-InfographicGraphic courtesy of TP-Link

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