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A Roundup of Gadgets to Increase Mobile Broadband Speed

There are plenty of mobile apps and gadgets designed to boost broadband speed at home, so that you can stream video and download attachments on your device without waiting an eternity.

If your mobile browser connection at home is slower than molasses, the problem may not be your provider. There are a number of issues that can impact broadband speed, from an overloaded smartphone to electronic interference. There are also plenty of mobile apps and gadgets designed to boost broadband speed at home, so that you can stream video and download attachments on your device without waiting an eternity.

Powerline Adapters

Does your connection fade in and out throughout your home? Try installing a powerline adapter to boost network speed. This digital technology allows you to take advantage of faster speeds than you would with regular Wi-Fi, using your home’s existing power lines to create a super network. You’re essentially creating new Wi-Fi hotspots for your device to connect to, boosting overall speed. Some adapters need to be attached to your router to work, while others have wireless capabilities. The Devolo dLan 500 Wi-Fi Network Kit is one of the most user-friendly options, potentially doubling your network speed. Another top-rated option is the TrendNet Powerline 500AV2 Adapter Kit, which offers super-fast speeds.

Wi-Fi Boosters

While powerline adapters rely on your home’s electricity to provide a faster internet connection, Wi-Fi boosters, repeaters, or extenders are capable of extending your existing range using a wireless signal.

It won’t necessarily improve your connection speed, but this type of device will prevent you from losing a signal as you walk from room to room on your device. Individual broadband providers like Sky and BT often offer their own compatible boosters, or you could shop around to find your own. Highly rated models include the Hawking HW2R1 and Netgear AC1200. When comparing boosters, look carefully at the wireless range as well as whether or not the model is compatible with your current router.

Smart Routers and Interference Blockers

Devices like the ones mentioned above help improve your signal if it’s blocked by a physical barrier in the way. However, another common cause of a slow connection or poor signal is a prevalence of other electronic devices in your home. If you have baby monitors, speakers, microwaves, and other potential sources of electromagnetic interference, try moving these away from the router.

Another option is to buy a ‘smart router’ like a Linksys EA6900, which works by automatically making adjustments for interference. Routers are usually given away with contracts, but if yours is in need of an upgrade anyways it’s worth looking for one with this feature.

There are also gadgets like the iPlate, which are inexpensive and work by covering the wire in old phone sockets. This helps cut interference as well.

Power Boosting Apps

If you don’t want to shell out for the options mentioned above, there are a number of free apps that can help you take advantage of the best possible connection.

Some apps help your device automatically connect to the most efficient Wi-Fi channel in the area, such as Wi-Fi Analyser for Android. These can help you automatically connect to smart WiFi if it’s available, which can come in handy particularly in public. Other apps work by boosting your existing network signal, automatically reconnecting you to the nearest reception towers for a fresh signal boost every time they’re launched. One example of this is Fresh Network Booster.

With such a wide range of options available to help you improve your network signal, there’s no need to put up with a slow mobile broadband connection.

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