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Meet Beme, Casey Neistat’s Social Media App


For a while Casey Neistat, the New York based Youtuber/film maker, has been teasing about his brand new company ‘Beme’, leaving us with quite a bit of suspense as to what they was actually creating. Today was the official launch and we now have a lot more details about the app.

Beme let’s you send out a first person video of what your life is currently like, it gets rid of the whole process of you scrutinising what you look like or creating an unrealistic image. It’s whole concept is very similar to Snapchat of being able to document your life, however it does it in a much more subtle way.


When you block the proximity sensor, this could be through placing your phone on your chest, a video recording starts and is then sent to your followers once the sensor is unblocked. The recordings can last up to a maximum of four seconds long and to fit with the idea of you not being able to scrutinise yourself, you aren’t actually able to view your video.

Giving someone feedback on what they’ve posted is pretty unique, instead of using the usual thumbs up or a like, you move your thumb slightly and click on the small box in the top right of your screen to send a selfie.


Casey states that the main aim of himself and the Beme team is that they are “trying to do something really positive, trying to remove the self-awareness, and the self-conciousness from sharing on social media”.

Currently the app is only available on iOS and requires an unlock code, unless you are willing to wait 100 days to be automatically unlocked. I’ve got an unlock code up for grabs, so go reserve your username through the application and comment it down below.

Download Beme for iOS


Update: 20/07/2015
If you record a video which is less than 4 seconds it will not send it out to your followers.

By Billy Noyes

From DSLR's all the way to PCs, Billy loves nothing more than playing with all different types of technology. He's covering the latest tech news here on Let's Talk Tech.