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The benefits and drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Guest author:┬áMary D. is a Philosophy & Literature graduate currently working as a freelance writer while traveling through Europe. Exceptionally passionate about Technology since an early age (“raised by the Internet”, some would say), today she writes about the important contemporary technological innovations ranging anywhere between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is one…

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5 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent cloud based SaaS for keeping back-ups of your documents, sharing with people across the globe, and managing your tasks effectively. Most of us use Google Drive at some point in our professional lives, and it is really simple to understand and operate the system. However, I bet there are many…

Smart Homes

Netatmo Welcome, The Facial-Recognising Home Security Camera Now On Sale

Netatmo first showed off the Welcome facial-recognising security camera back at this year’s CES, and now you are able to finally purchase one. When a person passes by the Welcome their face is checked against the list of recognised people. A notification is then sent to the owners phone telling them who that person was,…

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Seagate Central (4TB) NAS Drive Review

The Seagate Central is basically a single hard drive that’s linked to your home network — also known as Network Attached Storage — providing you and the rest of your family with a quick and easy way to store your digital content in a single place.