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Motorolla announce Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus smartphones

With the Moto G lineup Motorolla has produced one of the best low-cost smartphones of recent years, and today, the company announced their 4th generation model. There’s also a Moto G4 Plus now, which is essentially a more powerful (but same sized) model. The 4th generation Moto G4 So what do you get for the…

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First look at Acer’s Predator 8 Android gaming tablet (Video)

This weekend I’ve had an opportunity to play around with some of Acer’s gaming devices, including a range of laptops, PCs and monitors. One of the devices that stood out to me the most was the Predator 8 gaming tablet, mostly because I’m more of a casual gamer than a PC gamer! Running on Android, this…

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Honor’s Emotion UI Is A Comfortable Switch From iOS To Android

Despite the growing similarities on both platforms, iOS and Android continue to remain two worlds apart. While iOS is restricted by Apple’s preference for simpler design, Android embraces customisation and the ability to make the device your own. Each one suits different tastes, and it’s just a case of picking what works for you. I’ve been using…

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2 Free Apps That Improve Your Android Device’s Performance

This article has been brought to you by DU Apps Studio. With everything we put our smartphones through on a day-to-day basis — from checking emails and playing games to taking photos and checking our Twitter feeds 1000 times a day — they’ll inevitably begin to feel strained over time. That’s why it’s worth putting aside some time…

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Steelseries Stratus XL review: Upgrade your mobile gaming experience?

Mobile gaming has a big part to play in many peoples experience with their smartphone. Most of the time we just look at the specs of a phone to improve it, however sometimes I feel it’s ruined through the use of on screen controls – This is an issue which Steelseries have attempted to solve through the…

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Cortana for Android Available for Download Due to Early Leak

A month ago we wrote about Microsoft’s voice assistant ‘Cortana’ coming to Android this month, it still hasn’t been released officially for download but due to an early leak you are able to get your hands on it. Just like Google Now, you can use Cortana to assist you with certain tasks such as a…

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Cortana Beta Coming To Android In July 2015

Microsoft’s mobile voice assistant Cortana was announced for Android last month, however a launch date has been released for the beta. Next month you will be able to download the Android beta and experience Cortana without having to switch to a Windows based mobile platform. The press release states that the app “will be available to…

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Google Can Now Help You Decide The Best Android Phone For You

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new Android phone but can’t choose from the vast flagship selection, Google has you covered. Their brand new web application will narrow down the choices based on the information you enter. Once you’ve clicked the ‘Get Started’ button, you are taken to a new page which lets you…

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Google Updates Slides To Support Chromecast

Google have finally brought support for the Chromecast and AirPlay within their Slides application, meaning that you’ll now be able to stream your presentations onto your HDMI supported displays. Once the presentation has been streamed to a supported device, such as the Chromecast, your mobile device will act as a remote which will let you…

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Google Fit Update Brings New Tracking Information and Android Wear Watch Face

Google has updated their fitness app, Google Fit, in order for it to finally be able to track the number of calories you’ve burned, as well as the distance you have travelled. For you to be able to track this data you’ll have to ensure that you have entered you’re height, weight and gender, allowing the…