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Arcam’s MusicBoost iPhone Case Improves Audio Quality & Charges Battery

The iPhone accessory market is full of very cool products, and Arcam’s new MusicBoost case is the latest to join that list. At a light weight of just 100 grams and enough juice to fully recharge your iPhone, the MusicBoost has four uses in one: it’s a protective case, DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), headphone…

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Twelve South SurfacePad Review: An Elegant Case for iPhone 6S Plus

SurfacePad for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is a premium, genuine leather jacket/case that’s designed to protect your iPhone with an elegant look and feel.

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iPhone Tip: How To Add Additional Fingerprints To TouchID

TouchID is one of my favourite features on the iPhone 6; it’s such an easy, reliable and fast way to unlock your device. What many people don’t know is that you can actually use more than one finger/thumb to unlock your iPhone or iPad. Want to unlock your other hand? Here’s how you can do it.…

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Apple Pay: Use Your iPhone To Pay In The UK From July 2015

Since its launch late last year, Apple’s new payment system Apple Pay has been kept exclusively in the U.S. Today at WWDC 2015 though, they announced the launch of Apple Pay in the UK starting from July. As the owner of an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch I’m really excited about this and how easy it’ll…

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A Cracked iPhone Lens, Apple’s Genius Bar & Great Customer Service

Last week I had the bad luck of dropping my iPhone flat on concrete. Go ahead, take a moment to cringe — I know I did. Fortunately enough it fell flat on its back rather than the display (that would have been much worse), which meant a few kinks to its sensitive aluminium body. That was painful to look at,…

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Olloclip Telephoto & CPL Lens Review: Take Better Distant Photos With iPhone 6

Olloclip’s Telephoto lens lets you take photos of far-away objects with its 2x magnification optical lens, and the CPL reduces reflections and glare.

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iPhone Keeps Disconnecting From Charger? Try This Fix Before Blaming Your Cable

Does your iPhone keep disconnecting from its charger? Try this one thing before you blame the cable or your iPhone.

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Hands On With Spigen’s Thin Fit Case For iPhone 6

If you just managed to pick up your brand new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus then you’re probably looking for a case to protect your purchase. We managed to get hands-on with one of the brand new Spigen Thin Fit cases and paired it with a iPhone 6 mockup phone. As mentioned in the video, Spigen…

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Apple Sets Official Date For iPhone 6 Event

Apple have finally set an official date for their annual September event. This year, it’s on the 9th at 10:00 am PDT at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts in Cupertino.