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Guest author: Mary D. is a Philosophy & Literature graduate currently working as a freelance writer while traveling through Europe. Exceptionally passionate about Technology since an early age (“raised by the Internet”, some would say), today she writes about the important contemporary technological innovations ranging anywhere between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Using the right combination…


Huawei Mate 9: a powerhouse smartphone with big software improvements

Huawei has been causing serious waves in the smartphone world over the last few years — be it with their own lineup including the P9 and P9 Plus or Honor’s mid-range smartphones like the Honor 8. Today the company announced the Huawei Mate 9; a powerhouse smartphone that could just fill the void Samsung’s Note…

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LastPass password manager is now free for all your devices

Password management is hardly the sexiest subject in the tech world, but considering the amount of hacks, identity fraud and scandals we hear about on the news, paying extra care & attention to your passwords is turning into a must. That’s why today, LastPass has made their password manager free to use across all of your…

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Travel apps I always have on my phone

Being a combination of geek & travel lover means I always feel the need to carry gadgets and apps with me wherever I go. After all, what kind of a geek would I be if I didn’t stroll through the security gates at the airport using my iPhone as a boarding pass, or summon a…

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Cleo: An AI assistant that helps manage your money via messages

If logging into your bank apps to check your balances feels long-winded and all you want is a quick breakdown of where your money is going, Cleo could very well be your solution. This clever little AI assistant lives in your iMessage or Facebook messenger apps, and is basically ready to give you a breakdown…

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#MadeByGoogle: Google announces the Google Pixel smartphone

We’ll be adding to this post throughout the #MadeByGoogle event… Despite all the leaks in the last few days (cough cough CarPhone Warehouse), Google has officially announced the Google Pixel phone. Google Assistant During the launch (so far), they’ve paid particular attention to the new “Google Assistant”, which is essentially Google Now on steroids —…

Home & Entertainment Security

Yale Home View ‘Pan Tilt Zoom’ IP Camera: Setup & impressions

I can’t imagine my home without security cameras anymore. Whether it’s during holiday season or a casual weekend away, I like being able to keep a close eye on the house to know it’s safe. Yale’s new range of IP cameras are intended to make it easy & affordable to keep tabs on your house from wherever you…

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Opera’s free & unlimited VPN app now available on Android

While Opera’s free VPN app was already available for iOS users earlier this year (surpassing 1 million downloads), the brand has now launched its Android counterpart. With Opera VPN you can improve your online privacy, block ad-tracking cookies, access more online content (which may be geographically restricted) and test the security of WiFi networks around…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 fingerprint scanner not working? Here’s how to fix it

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S7 performs nicely when you make full contact with it, but in my recent few weeks with the device I’ve noticed that it often rejects my fingerprint. It’s a frustrating and inconsistent experience! If you’re going through a similar problem with your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and its fingerprint scanner, I’d recommend…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 rear camera test in 1080p (Video)

The guys over at Three UK recently sent me the Samsung Galaxy S7 to play with, and so far I’ve absolutely loved the cameras on this thing. Its front facing camera has been impressive with a wide angle, crisp image quality and high resolution shooting capabilities. The rear camera also had a lot to get…